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Teacher Training
In October 2019, a cohort of principals, teachers and educators from primary and secondary schools in Shanghai and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission visited London and Manchester to take part in a 56 day training programme.

The programme was rich and varied, including seminars, lectures, observation, field trips and project research. The delegates attended lectures and seminars presented by professors and experts at the University of Manchester, and visits the local primary and secondary schools and other educational institutions. During the eight week study the group visited 12 schools and 5 colleges and universities, attended more than 30 lectures, wrote daily journals, articles on their experience, reports and special research theses.

The aim of the programme was to deepen understanding of the British education system and provide hands-on experience. To appreciate the similarities and differences of Shanghai and UK education systems and use that knowledge to widen the vision of and potentially better develop the Shanghai education system, improve teaching methods and optimise school management.
CPD Training in UK for Principals and Teachers from Shanghai October -- December 2019
During October and December 2019, Outstanding Principals and Teachers from Primary and Secondary Schools in Shanghai Had Attended CPD Training in the UK.

A Teacher Training in UK for Teachers from Shanghai High School -- July 2023

In July 2023, the teachers from Shanghai High School visited Greater Manchester and London for 21 days. This visit is arranged by the Manchester Education International Ltd  in collaboration with the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, schools and private enterprises with strong educational links.

The delegates experienced a wide range of programme, learned about the British Education Systems, British educational pedagogy, theory and practice in schools, and how industries and employers in the UK participate in educational programmes.

Student Recruitment

MEI provides a bespoke "one to one" service for Chinese students, according to each individual’s needs and aspirations, which is tailored to the practicalities and logistics of studying abroad.

With extensive and high-quality international resources, MEI has provided opportunities for high school and vocational school students who want to further their education abroad.

In Shanghai, there are 20 vocational colleges in higher education and almost 60 vocational colleges in the FE sector. Although many of the students may attend degree courses at local universities in Shanghai, studying abroad is out of reach for most of them.

Being aware of this, MEI has worked with a variety of universities in UK who can offer degree courses in appropriate vocational subjects, as well as assisting the students in improving their English. Therefore making it possible for their dreams to come true.

This successful programme continues to develop further not only between Shanghai and UK, but also excitingly extending to Jiangsu and to UK campuses at Middle East higher education institutions.

Vocational Education
Annually from 2017, senior management staff of Shanghai Vocational Colleges have visited Manchester for CPD training in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the British vocational education system, improve their professional knowledge and develop their skills.
Annually from 2017, Shanghai Vocational College Senior Management Staff Have Attended Training in the UK.
Summer Camp

Flying from Shanghai to Manchester, the enthusiastic group of students waved goodbye to their parents and began their adventure!

In Manchester, they experienced interactive classrooms, observed various lectures and visited laboratories and libraries.They soon realised that the classroom experience in UK was so different from that in China. Classrooms had a buzz and there was much more interaction between teachers and students. They also had lots of opportunity to practice and improve their English!

The activities were not restricted to the classroom and they very much enjoyed exploring the campus and finding facilities to suit and extend their talents. They discovered that, as well as studying, good healthand fitness was an essential. They tried out the gym, basketball courts,swimming pool and even indoor climbing walls.

Even discovering British food was more interesting than they anticipated! Lunches on campus were both nutritious and delicious.

During the weekend, visits were made to explore Oxford,Cambridge and London, allowing the students to experience many different aspects of British culture.

It was a very interesting, exciting and varied ten days!

In August 2023, students from Health School Attached to Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences Attended a Summer School Programme in the UK.

In July 2019, students from Shanghai Dazhong Technical School Attended a Summer School Programme in the UK.
Educational Exchange

Shanghai Municipal Education Examination Authority (SMEEA) wanted to extend their knowledge and understanding of university examination processes in UK and Ireland: how the systems operates, its policies and their implementation, the use of cutting edge technology within the system and how its results are evaluated.

SMEEA approached MEI with their needs and were delighted to be linked with examination officers and university professionals in order to carry out discussions, meetings and exchange.

In April 2019, MEI arranged for six delegates from SMEEA to visit Cambridge Assessment International Education, LSE and University of Manchester. They also met with Ofsted officers. In Ireland, they visited Trinity College, Dublin and the Focus Capital Partners to understand examination systems there.

Following the visit, a conference was held in Shanghai (Assessment: Where Learning Meets Testing ) which was attended by speakers from Trinity College, as well as Cambridge Assessment International Education, who still have a working relationship with SMEEA .

In April 2019, teachers from Shanghai Municipal Education Examination Authority(SMEEA) visited UK.

Film Education

Film Education is the latest of the MEI programmes and is still in the development and investigative stage.

The idea is to use the media of film to make the learning of English in China, especially in Vocational Colleges more interesting and more exciting, to motivate and engage students to develop their language abilities, to encourage fluency and use of language in a more relaxing and modern way.

Teaching will take place both through and about film.

Teachers will be encouraged and enabled touse film content in the teaching of English and also to teach the vocational elements of film making.

MEI is looking for partners to work with them to develop the investment, certification and software elements of this new and exciting project.